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  • Oct 20 PRIME magazine – Window to the Soul

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  • Sep 20 PRIME magazine – An Eye Opener – Interview with Dr Leonard Ang

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  • Jan 20 PRIME magazine – Understanding and Treating Glaucoma

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  • 02 Oct 19 The Straits Times – The art of living gracefully in your 50s

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  • 2019 Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology – Cataract and IOL: Key in Achieving Spectacle Free Results

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  • Jan 19 PRIME magazine – Common Blinding Eye Diseases

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  • Sep 18 PRIME magazine – Latest Advances In Cataract Treatment

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  • Dec 17 PRIME magazine – Glaucoma: The Silent Thief of Sight & New Treatments

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  • Jun 17 PRIME magazine – Restoring Vision for Blinding Corneal Diseases

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  • 2016 PRIME magazine – Targeting Perfect Vision with the Latest Advances in Refractive Surgery

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  • 2016 PRIME magazine – Advances in Retinal Disease Treatment

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  • Nov 15 Medical Grapevine – Modern Methods of Correcting Refractive Errors

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  • Sep 15 Medical Grapevine – Advances in Treatment of Cataract

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  • 2015 Her World Magazine – Are you looking after your eyes?
  • Nov 15 EyeWorld Magazine – Advantages of clear corneal incisions abound in phacoemulsification, DSAEK, and DMEK

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  • 27 Oct 15 The Straits Times, Mind and Body – Artificial cornea transplant saves attack victim’s sight

    Madam Zhang lost her right eye when a man splashed acid on her face during a robbery attempt in Johor Baru in 2007. She underwent a cornea transplant surgery in Malaysia for her remaining left eye which later developed a serious infection. Despite several repeat operations and medical treatment, doctors in Malaysia were not able to control her infection. She came to Singapore to seek treatment at a public hospital but this was unsuccessful as well. She finally went to Dr Leonard Ang for help to save her eye. Following surgery and treatment by Dr Ang, the infection eventually subsided. Dr Ang then performed an artificial cornea transplant, known as Boston keratoprosthesis, and the patient’s vision was finally restored.
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  • Jun 15 Health No 1- Advances in cataract surgery and glaucoma treatment: The advantages of early diagnosis and treatment
  • 09 Nov 14 Health Care Asia – What your eyes, nails, hair are telling you about your health

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  • 16 Jul 14 Channel News Asia – Singaporeans given option of implanted contact lenses
  • 21 Sep 11 AsiaOne – New procedure restores sight of acid burn victim
  • Jan 14 ICON – Let LASIK give you the freedom of vision
  • Jul 13 This Quarterly Magazine – Advances in cornea transplantation and refractive surgery
  • 19 Mar 13 The Straits Times – Dr Ang restores vision in children: She can see mum’s face, thanks to op
  • 19 Mar 13 TODAY – Cornea surgery by Singaporean specialist a groundbreaking success

    A/Prof Leonard Ang, Singapore eye specialist, performed a groundbreaking surgery to restore vision in two blind children. The highly specialised and complex eye reconstruction operation is known as the Paediatric Boston Keratoprosthesis (KPro), and this can give children better results over conventional cornea transplants for paediatric and complex cornea blinding conditions.

  • 26 Sep 12 TODAY – Contact lens complications
  • 17 Sep 12 The New Paper – The hope to see again
  • 22 May 12 Straits Times – MOH probes HK rugby clubs eye infections
  • 20 May 12 The New Paper – Myopia in East Asia at epidemic levels
  • Jan 12 NTUC Next Magazine – Common eye problems.pdf
  • 5 Jan 12 Mind Your Body – Helping the blind see again
  • 22 Sep 11 Mind Your Body – Contact lens problems and new cornea treatments
  • 20 Sep 11 TODAY – New eye operation for severely damaged eyes
  • 20 Sep 11 Straits Times – Near perfect sight again after new cornea op

    Madam Ho became one of the first patients in South-East Asia to undergo a new cornea surgery, known as the Boston Keratoprosthesis (artificial cornea), by A/Prof Leonard Ang. This surgery helped to restore her vision after many years of blindness following a terrible acid attack that severely damaged her face and her eyes.

  • 20 Sep 11 Asia one – New procedure restores sight of acid burn victim
  • 20 Sep 11 Yahoo News – New surgery tackles severe cornea diseases

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  • 11 Aug 11 Mind Your Body – Acupunture will not cure cataracts
  • 14 Jul 11 Mind Your Body – Glaucoma – the silent thief of sight

    Most patients do not realise that they have glaucoma till there is already significant damage to the nerve and there is no way to restore the sight after damaged. Dr Leonard Ang quoted that, it is important for those above 45 years old age to have their eye checked regularly.

  • 11 Jun 11 TODAY – Landmark cornea surgery brings new hope to patients
  • 11 May 11 Medical Tribune – Ophthalmologist performs landmark surgery to restore woman’s sight

    11 May 11 Medical Tribune - Ophthalmologist performs landmark surgery to restore woman's sight

  • 31 Mar 11 Mind Your Body – The cons of air-con
  • 24 Mar 11 Asiaone Online – Spore doc restores Taiwanese’s woman sight
  • 24 Mar 11 Straits Times – Landmark operation restores her sight

    Thanks to a landmark eye operation by A/Prof Leonard Ang, the first of its kind in Singapore and South East Asia, Mrs Lee is able to see again. Mrs Lee was blinded when she was stricken with Stevens Johnson syndrome. She had previously undergone 7 eye operations in Taiwan, but all these surgeries failed. A/Prof Leonard Ang performed a complex eye operation which involved reconstruction of the entire eye surface and the replacement of a diseased cornea with an artificial cornea (Boston Keratoprosthesis) transplant. This helped to restore Mrs Lee vision after years of being blind.

  • 24 Mar 11 My Paper – S’pore doc restores her sight
  • 9 Dec 10 Mind Your Body – Prof Ang – Singapore Clinician Investigator Award
  • 2 Dec 10 Mind Your Body – New stem cell treatment to treat complex diseases
  • 4 Nov 10 Mind Your Body – Cataracts in children
  • 21 Oct 10 Mind Your Body – Young contact lens users at risk
  • 14 Oct 10 Mind Your Body – Cataract operation – don’t wait till you go blind

    Madam Tan was diagnose with cataract for many years and was advised by other doctors to wait for her cataracts to “ripen”. Since then, her vision continue to deteriorate further and so did her quality of life. She almost went blind when seeing you. She underwent minimally invasive cataract surgery (Phacoemulsification of cataract) and lens implant surgery in both eyes and she could walk and perform normal activities on her own after so many years.

  • 14 Oct 10 New cornea surgery a groundbreaking success
  • 30 Sep 10 Mind Your Body – Helping the blind see again
  • 9 Sep 10 Mind Your Body – More opt for Implantable Contact Lenses to correct myopia
  • 22 Jul 10 Mind Your Body – Reading glasses for presbyopia
  • 17 Jun 10 Mind Your Body – Sun damage
  • 10 Jun 10 Mind Your Body – Pain and strain from 3D shows
  • 3 Jun 10 Mind Your Body – Job hazards
  • 13 May 10 Mind Your Body – Dangers of Contact Lenses
  • May 10 Indoconnex – Curing blindness with cornea and stem cell transplants
  • 15 Apr 10 Mind Your Body – Interview with A/Prof Leonard Ang
  • 8 Mar 10 The New Paper – Blind from cataracts

    Madame Hoe Ah See, 77, had cataracts in both eyes. Thinking her failing vision was due to old age, she did not seek medical help. It was only when she was almost blind that her family convinced Madam Hoe to undergo cataract surgery. A/Prof Leonard Ang performed a minimally invasive cataract operation which helped to cure her blindness.

  • 23 Feb 10 TODAY – Treating high myopia with Implantable contact lens
  • 9 Oct 09 TODAY – Implantable contact lens

    Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) implant is an alternative for people with high myopia who are unsuitable for Lasik surgery. ICL offers better quality of night vision, faster recovery and no dry eye effect after surgery, said Dr Leonard Ang.

  • 4 Jun 09 Mind Your Body – All about Lasik

    Modern LASIK surgery is extremely safe and highly successful. Through LASIK surgery, all refractive errors of the eye can be corrected with great precision, such as myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia (lao hua). The key benefits is that of convenience by not having to spend time cleaning the lens and spending money to buy spectacles, contact lenses and solutions. Most importantly, there will be no longer problems associated with improper contact lens care such as corneal infections.

  • Dec 08 Medical Tribune – New treatment can save damaged eyes

    Medical Tribune - New treatment can save damaged eyes