Artificial Cornea Transplantation

The Boston keratoprosthesis (artificial corneas) is a new and improved method for treating blinding cornea disease. It is the best artificial cornea implant in the world. It can effectively restore vision in patients with severe blinding corneal diseases, including patients with high risk corneal grafts and where previous corneal transplants and treatment have failed. Even the most complex corneal diseases can now be successfully treated. In severe blinding corneal diseases, the Boston keratoprosthesis implantation may be the best option for restoring long-term vision in these patients.

Dr. Leonard Ang is one of the few surgeons in the world to be specially trained to perform the Boston Keratoprosthesis (artificial cornea) surgery, having completed a fellowship at Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, USA, where he trained under Professor Claes Dohlman, the person who pioneered this surgery.

Dr. Leonard Ang performed the first series of Boston Keratoprosthesis surgeries in Singapore and in South East Asia. Patients from all over the world have sought Dr. Leonard Ang Ang’s expertise in performing this surgery.