Artificial Cornea Transplantation

Artificial Cornea Transplantation: Boston KPro

An artificial cornea transplant is the replacement of a diseased or scarred cornea with a donor cornea. Made of clear plastic with tissue tolerance and optical properties, the Boston keratoprosthesis (Boston KPro) is an artificial cornea.

Boston KPro is a new and improved method for treating blinding cornea disease. Even the most complex corneal diseases can now be successfully treated with the Boston KPro.

Benefits of Boston Keratoprosthesis (Boston KPro)

Best artificial cornea implant in the world: The Boston KPro can effectively restore vision in patients with severe blinding corneal diseases, including patients with high-risk corneal grafts and where previous corneal transplants and treatment have failed.

In severe blinding corneal diseases, the Boston keratoprosthesis implantation may be the best option for restoring long-term vision in these patients.

Why Choose Lang Eye Centre for Artificial Cornea Transplantation (Boston KPro) in Singapore?

Experienced Doctor in Artificial Cornea Transplantation

Our world-renowned Senior Ophthalmologist, Dr. Leonard Ang, is one of the few surgeons in the world to be specially trained to perform the Boston Keratoprosthesis (artificial cornea) surgery. He completed a fellowship at Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in USA, where he trained under Professor Claes Dohlman, the person who pioneered this surgery.

He underwent specialised training at Harvard Medical School in artificial cornea transplantation (Boston keratoprosthesis). He performed the first series of Boston keratoprosthesis transplantations in Singapore and South East Asia, and has helped to restore the vision of many local and international patients with complex cornea diseases. He also performed the first series of Paediatric Boston keratoprosthesis transplantations in Singapore and South East Asia for blinding childhood cornea diseases.

Patients from all over the world have sought Dr. Ang’s expertise in performing this surgery.

Use of High Quality Precision Machines

The medical equipment used plays a big part in the success of the procedure. We use high-quality precision machines that improve the precision and accuracy of the artificial cornea transplantation.

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