Cataract Screening and Treatment


Cataract is a condition in which the natural clear lens of the eye becomes cloudy and reduces the amount of light entering the eye, causing blurred vision. It is the most common cause of blindness in the world.

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is usually recommended if the cataract is impairing vision and affecting one’s daily activities. Cataracts may also need to be removed if it is very dense and is likely to cause complications such as glaucoma.

Cataract surgery is now very advanced and can be performed safely and effectively. It is performed as a day surgery procedure and usually takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

The recovery is relatively fast and patients can resume most of their regular activities within a few weeks of the surgery. The preferred method of removing a cataract is by phacoemulsification, with an intraocular lens implant.

Bladeless Cataract Surgery/Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery can now be completely bladeless, with the use of a laser machine to help perform the various incisions in the initial part of surgery. The use of the laser can help to improve the precision and predictability of the surgery.

Computer-Assisted Cataract Surgery

The accuracy of surgery may be further enhanced with computerised image-guided systems, leading to better visual outcomes. These precision imaging systems can capture high-resolution digital images of the eye so that surgeons can view this information as real-time computer-generated overlays during surgery.

The eye surgeon can accurately make incisions and position the lens, so the surgery is more customised and precise. This is particularly useful for patients who opt for multifocal lens implants and for patients with astigmatism.

Why Choose Lang Eye Centre for Cataract Screening and Treatment in Singapore?

Experienced Doctor in Cataract Screening and Treatment in Singapore

Our world-renowned Senior Ophthalmologist Dr. Leonard Ang has a wealth of experience in managing normal as well as complex cataracts. He specialises in cataract surgery and has a proven track record in cataract treatment in Singapore.

New and Improved Artificial Lenses

We offer patients the best artificial lenses to suit each patient’s individual needs and give the best visual outcomes. These include aspheric monofocal lens to improve the sharpness and quality of vision, toric lens which can correct astigmatism and multifocal lens to correct both distant vision as well as presbyopia.

The Use of High Quality Precision Machines

We use high-quality precision machines that improve the precision and accuracy of cataract surgery.

Cataract Screening to Determine the Best Treatment

Cataracts progress very gradually. Some patients with cataracts are unaware of their condition as the change in vision may not be obvious to them. Cataract screening can help to pick up cataracts earlier and help us determine the best treatment available to suit our patients.

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