Epi-LASIK/LASEK are laser vision correction procedures that change the shape of the cornea by lasering its surface, without the creation of the corneal flap (surface ablation).

Due to slower recovery and more discomfort post-surgery, Epi-LASIK/LASEK is usually offered as an alternative to LASIK for those unsuitable for LASIK (e.g. thinner corneas). Similar to LASIK, there are also 2 modules of treatments for Epi-LASIK/LASEK with the VISX STAR S4 IR Excimer Laser System:


VISX Advanced CustomVue Wavefront-guided Epi-LASIK/LASEK

At Lang Eye Centre, we recommend Epi-LASIK/LASEK over PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy), the traditional method of surface ablation where the cornea’s surface layer (epithelium) is scraped off with a blade or brush. In Epi-LASIK/LASEK surgery, the epithelium is cleaved from the underlying tissue by a laser in an accurate and controlled manner resulting in clear vision.

Benefits of Epi-LASIK/LASEK Surgery

Compared to LASIK surgery, Epi-LASIK/LASEK surgery has the following benefits:

Suitable for more people, especially those with thinner corneas

Flapless hence flap-related issues are not of concern

LASIK Evaluation

To understand more about Epi-LASIK/LASEK – its benefits, possible risks and side effects and your suitability, schedule a comprehensive LASIK evaluation with us.