iLASIK laser surgery is a combination of:

Step 1
iDesign computerised 3D mapping

Step 2
IntraLase® bladeless technology

Step 3
VISX Advanced CustomVue® Wavefront-guided LASIK technology

iLASIK corrects myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness), astigmatism, and presbyopia. Its accuracy in correcting vision and unique imperfections of the eye exceeds that of Standard LASIK. 

Trivia: iLASIK is an approved laser treatment for NASA astronauts and the United States TOPGUN fighter pilots.

The first step of the iLASIK surgery is to perform a series of tests to determine the individual characteristics of your vision with the use of our iDesign Advanced WaveScan Technology.

The iDesign System creates a clear 3D map (WaveScan) of the unique imperfections of the eyes in real time. These images are unique to every individual.

The WaveScan is saved onto a thumbdrive which is then transferred to the VISX excimer laser machine during the Wavefront-guided treatment.


The iLASIK procedure uses the 100% blade-free IntraLase Method to create your corneal flap, which is a thin layer of tissue the eye surgeon folds back to perform the iLASIK procedure.

Step 3 / VISX Advanced CustomVue ® Wavefront-guided LASIK technology

After establishing your personal vision profile using iDesign WaveScan Technology and the creation of your corneal flap using the IntraLase Method, your vision will be corrected using the VISX Advanced CustomVue Wavefront-guided treatment. It uses the digital information from the WaveScan to make adjustments and design a customised treatment for the eyes.

The VISX excimer laser reshapes the corneal tissue under the flap. The flap is then returned to its original position.

The whole procedure has minimal pain, with little discomfort following it. The surgery is completed in about 10 to 15 minutes for 2 eyes.

As the treatment is carried out beneath the corneal flap without disturbing the uppermost layer of the cornea, visual recovery is fast and most people can return to work 1 day after surgery.


Consistent results and lower risks:

During the iLASIK surgery, the corneal incision and circular-cut are created by the IntraLase femtosecond laser, eliminating the use of sharp surgical tools. This laser technique is accurate and gentle on the eye, reducing the risk of injury and complications.

Corrects vision and unique imperfections of the eye:

The bladeless, wavefront-guided LASIK corrects high-order corneal irregularities, which cannot be achieved with Standard LASIK. This technology aims to achieve the best possible visual outcomes.

Shorter treatment time needed:

The iDesign System provides clear 3D images of the patient’s eye in real-time. These images are unique to every individual. The VISX excimer laser will then use the information to make customised adjustments.

Suitable for patients with thin corneas:

The iDesign System measures the unique imperfections of your eyes. Those who naturally have thinner corneas can expect better results as the laser utilises the 3D map of the eye to create the corneal flap. This flap is much thinner compared to the flap that is made by surgical tools in conventional LASIK surgery that uses a blade.

Safe and accurate treatment, backed by studies:

iLASIK combines the benefits, safety, and accuracy of the IntraLase® technology and VISX Advanced CustomVue® Wavefront-guided LASIK technology.

Evidence-based studies worldwide have demonstrated the efficacy and safety of the iLASIK treatment procedure.


iLASIK is the recommended choice for correcting myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism unless you have thin corneas or if your eyes are not suitable for iLASIK, then Standard LASIK or Epi-LASIK/LASEK may be considered.

If you are of presbyopic age (40 years old and above) and have difficulty seeing near, you can opt for Monovision iLASIK Surgery where one eye is corrected for long-distance vision while the other is corrected for near-distance vision. In this instance, the dominant eye is usually selected for distance vision. For the majority of people, this is an acceptable solution to allow for both near and far vision to be preserved.  

Modern Vision Correction Technology At Every Step

iLASIK uses US-FDA approved technology at every step; from your personal vision evaluation where a customised 3D map of your eyes is created, to the creation of the flap using a laser (bladeless), and finishing with a truly customised form of laser vision correction.

LASIK Evaluation

To understand more about iLASIK – its benefits, possible risks and side effects and your suitability, schedule a comprehensive LASIK evaluation here.