Presbyopia Treatment


Presbyopia (Lao Hua Yan), also known as old age eyes, is the gradual loss of a person’s ability to focus on near objects due to ageing. When an individual is younger, the natural lens in the eye is soft, flexible, and can be reshaped easily. But as an individual gets older, the lens becomes more rigid. Presbyopia typically occurs from the age of 40 years old and gradually progresses till the age of 60 years.

Presbyopia Treatment

Though presbyopia cannot be reversed and is a natural result of ageing, early presbyopia detection is crucial in detecting presbyopia and preventing further visual loss. Presbyopia may be treated with spectacles, contact lenses or refractive surgery.

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Refractive Surgery

Refractive surgery can successfully correct presbyopia. This includes the use of LASIK, EpiLASIK / LASEK surgeries, Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) surgery, as well as cataract surgery. LASIK surgery can safely and effectively reduce the need for reading spectacles. Implantable Contact Lens surgery (ICL) can be used to treat patients with extreme myopia (more than 1000 degrees) or those who are unsuitable for LASIK. Patients with cataracts could have their presbyopia corrected through cataract surgery with the implantation of multifocal intraocular lenses.

Why Choose Lang Eye Centre for Presbyopia (Lao hua) Treatment?

Experienced and Trusted Presbyopia Eye Surgeon in Singapore

Our world-renowned Senior Ophthalmologist Dr. Leonard Ang has undergone advanced fellowship training in cornea and refractive surgery at 4 of the top eye institutions in the world, including Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine in Japan, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in USA. Dr Ang has extensive experience in refractive surgery, having performed thousands of surgeries. He has previously co-authored a landmark paper on LASIK surgery in patients above the age of 40 years old, which showed that LASIK surgery was effective in patients who were presbyopic.

Dr Ang can also treat presbyopia to help patients reduce their dependence on reading glasses.

Comprehensive Range of Refractive Surgery Options

Lang Eye Centre offers a range of refractive surgical treatments for presbyopia, ranging from LASIK, EpiLASIK / LASEK surgeries, Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) surgery, as well as cataract surgery with multifocal lens implants.

Use of High Precision Diagnostic Machines and High Quality Technologies

At Lang Eye Centre, we use high-quality precision diagnostic LASIK machines to more accurately assess the patient for refractive surgery. When correcting the refractive errors, we use the latest and most advanced LASIK technology to give greater precision and accuracy, with the aim of achieving the best visual outcome for patients.

High Success Rates

Dr Ang’s expertise, training and extensive experience, in combination with the use of the precision machines contribute to the high success rates for refractive surgery and better quality of vision of patients operated at Lang Eye Centre.

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