What To Expect For LASIK:
Everything You Need To Know About Your Upcoming Surgery

Considering LASIK surgery in Singapore? Scheduling and going for your LASIK surgery may be a scary process if you’re not sure what to expect. Here’s how you can prepare yourself for your LASIK journey.

Before the LASIK surgery

1. Schedule a consultation with your eye specialist
During this consultation, your eyes will be tested to check if they are suitable for LASIK surgery. Your eye degree and cornea thickness will be examined by the eye specialist. After the eye evaluation, an appropriate LASIK surgery will then be recommended to you.

If you’re wearing contact lenses, you have to stop wearing them for a while.

  • Soft contact lenses: Stop wearing them for 3 days before your initial evaluation
  • Hard or rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses: Stop wearing them for at least 2 weeks before your initial evaluation.

2. Avoid any eye make-up and lotions before the surgery
Don’t wear any eye make-up or apply any lotions around the eyes a day before the surgery.

The day of the LASIK surgery

1. Bring along your identification card, medical documents, and sunglasses
Ensure that you have your identification card and medical documents. Your eyes may be sensitive to light after the surgery so bring along a pair of sunglasses to wear and have someone to accompany you home after the surgery.

2. LASIK surgery duration
The surgery duration will depend on the type of LASIK surgery that you are undergoing. Typically, a standard LASIK surgery takes about 5 minutes for each eye.

However, preparation for the surgery as well as post-operative observation and instruction will take time. Expect to be at the eye centre for about 1 hour. Our experienced nurses will monitor patients closely after surgery for complications as well as counsel patients on post-surgery care before their discharge.

After the LASIK Surgery

1. Be prepared for temporary blurred vision, mild pain, and discomfort
You may experience blurred vision and some discomfort after your LASIK surgery. Avoid driving and have someone accompany you home.

The recovery time differs for individuals but patients’ vision will gradually return to normal with the next few days. You may experience blurred vision, glare, and halos after LASIK which improves over time.

2. Use eye drops
It is common for patients to experience dry eyes after surgery for several months. Eye drops will be given to combat this problem so use them generously to lubricate your eyes.

3. Go for your post-operative eye check-ups
Post-operative check-ups are necessary to ensure your eyes are recovering well. They will be scheduled one day, one week and about 2 to 3 months after the surgery.

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